FLIGHT DEAL | $561 Minneapolis, MN to Paris, France on Delta/Air France


NONSTOP NICOLE (4)Ah, Paris! I can still remember my first trip there as it was a birthday gift from my parents! I’ve been lucky to have gone a few times, but I haven’t been in almost three years and must get back! Mhmm, this flight deal from Minneapolis to Paris (CDG) may be the reason to go back!

I am posting this deal from Minneapolis, but am finding similar deals from other cities throughout the U.S.  so I highly recommend checking it out.  Need help with a search? Feel free to message me on Facebook until 8:30 PM CT tonight and I will do my best to help, but remember these deals don’t last long!

Here are some details:

  • Minneapolis, MN (MSP) to Paris, France (CDG) but there are other U.S departure cities with similar rates
  • Flights starting at $561 Round-Trip
  • Flights are on Delta & Air France!
  • Available Dates: April – May, August – January 2019

Sample Dates: 

Need help finding dates? Use my favorite tool: Google Flights 

This deal was active at the time this was posted.  If you are finding these dates no longer work, play around a little and see if there is other availability.  If it’s been a few hours/days, you may be too late.


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