[OOPS] I Made a Travel Credit Card Benefit Mistake


Now, as I’ve mentioned before – I am not a Credit Card expert and am not qualified to give any credit card advice, but I do want to send out my story to hopefully prevent you from making the same mistake I did (or a similar one).

A different version of this post was shared on The Point’s Guy as I had originally shared my story with them. Obviously, I don’t want to keep this information from my readers – so here you go! OOPS! I Made a Travel Credit Card Benefit Mistake.png

This past December, I was targeted for an American Express Platinum Card with a 100,000 point sign up bonus (and I had been waiting for this level of a bonus for quite some time).
I was eager and excited to finally get targeted for this AMAZING 100K bonus that I had heard so many others were able to take advantage of, as well as finally get to benefit from all of the #AmexPlat benefits that come with ownership of the card.
My mistake wasn’t in regards to the sign-up bonus (thank goodness as that would have been a painful loss that I would likely still be crying from), but it came with the $200 airline travel credit.  I did not realize that the Amex Plat’s annual Travel Credit was on a CALENDAR YEAR basis and not based on my annual renewal date.  I received my card with only a few weeks left in 2016 year and didn’t spend a single dollar of the $200 travel credit (and I had ample opportunities to do so as I even had two trips in December).
I’m going to get a bit of slack for this, but I didn’t bring my brother into the Delta SkyClub with me (to pay his $29 entry fee with Travel Credit – yes, I’m a mean sister…) as I wanted to save the credits for a time in 2017 trips that I already had planned (I knew I would be purchasing inflight snack boxes and be able to pay for some redemption fees on a few of my upcoming trips that I would be paying for with airline miles).
I ended up losing out on the entire $200 travel credit and didn’t realize until late January. Major bummer as that was part of how I justified the $450 annual fee (now $550). I’ve learned my lesson and am worked to make sure I spent my 2017 credit sooner than later!
So what did I learn from this? Read the fine print when it comes to the benefits of credit cards and their rewards programs!   Fortunately, I learned from my mistake right away and as I mentioned – I’ve already taken advantage of my full $200 credit for the 2017 calendar year.
Keep traveling, friends! 
– Nikki

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