Aloha! More Travel Deals to Come Soon ✈️

Aloha! Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days. We are in Hawaii for the week (enjoying the $323 flight to Hawaii we found on Delta). I will post deals when I am able, but will be back in full swing on Tuesday! 🌴✈️🌺 
Over the past few days, I received requests for a few cities that I will start posting for. Let me know if you have a city base you would to see travel deals from! I will try my best to accommodate! 

Subscribe for FREE using the form on the bottom of my site. To those who have subscribed – “THANK YOU” and please feel free to share and tell your friends! 

Just a reminder that your information is NOT shared with any third party and that is only used to send you deals and posts from my site. It is completely free for you and I currently don’t make any commission or money off of the flight deals I post.

I am  doing this to help others travel and for fun. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Looking forward to sharing more deals with you all soon! 

– Nikki 🌺

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