A Day in Cologne (Köln), Germany

We may no longer be college students, but M and I went on a “Spring Break” this past March to Europe. During our trip, we had an it in our game plan to visit Amsterdam (Netherlands), Düsseldorf (Germany) and Bruges (Belgium).  We found that we were able to squeeze in a day trip to Köln while we were staying in Düsseldorf.   Our one day trip was brief (and we were accidentally stranded there for a few hours the following day… but we just had beers that whole time). We left our place in Düsseldorf around 9:00 AM and had to return by 4:30PM

Here are some things we did (and what you could do if you only have one day in Cologne) and wish we could have done:

  • Took the train from Düsseldorf Hbf to Köln (Cologne) Hbf:
    • This was about a 30 minute train ride.
    • Cost about €17.00 per person.  (2nd Class, unreserved seat tickets)
    • We purchased our tickets at the train station, but you are able to purchase these tickets online in advance.
  • Der Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral):
    • When we arrived in Köln, we immediately spotted the Cologne Cathedral and put that on our list of things to visit during our day trip there.
    • No fee to enter, but many opportunities to provide donations.
    • We stopped back towards the end of our trip and Mike took quite a few 360 photos that I will have to post soon.
  • Schokoladen Museum (Chocolate Museum): 
    • A great activity if you’re with family or really like chocolate (like me).
    • We walked directly from the Köln Hbf to the chocolate museum, but found out later there was a trolley that you could pay to drop you off from the Hbf to right in front of the museum.
    • €11,50 entry fee for adults
    • You do have opportunities to taste some chocolate during the self-guided walking tour. (They do have guided tours as well for additional cost).
  • Kölsch Beer
    • Köln is known for their Kölsch beer.
    • If you’re a beer person, I highly recommend you do the same. We only visited Fruh and Gaffel am Dom, but I’ve listed a few others in the area as well that have come highly recommended.
      • Früh
      • Gaffel am Dom
      • Brauhaus zur Malzmühle
      • Peters Brauhaus
      • Sion
  • Kolner Seilbahn (Cologne Cable Car)
    • Now, we did NOT get to do this, but this is the number 1 thing I wanted to do. It turned out that the cable cars wouldn’t open for another week or so.  We didn’t get to do this but lots of reviews were pretty positive and I’d love to hear about some of the views other riders have had. (So if you’ve done this – please share!)
  • Hohenzollern Bridge
    • We did not do this one either, but here is one for the romantics!
    • It’s also known as the “Love Locks” bridge in Köln.
    • Couples from all around the world come here and put a padlock onto the railings of this bridge and then throw a key into the Rhein river to “ensure their everlasting love
    • It was one stop away via train from Hbf.

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